About us

Video games are meant to be fun. I grew up playing the first video game at about 3 years old, Asteroids on Atari. Yes, I am that old. Ok. 

My father bought it for me for Christmas and i was amazed and in love with games since. I have seen evolution of games that I never believed possible then. 


Now, the kind of games I make, are games that I enjoy and am personallly passionate about. I try to make them with respect. Although some games people question my intentions. I can tell you, I am very concious about making games that are fun, different, but made with respect. 


In particular the games where women are shown quite sexy. To me, God did an amazing thing in creating women. Women are a treasure, a blessing, should be treated always with respect and love. God deserves a high five for that, in my opinion. 


Although, I have images which some may think it too sexy. I disagree. Or may think the content is negative towards women. Let me be clear. I love women, respect them, and any one who knows me well, even working in places where it was typical to treat with disrespect. I always, always, showed respect, kindness, love. Actually, my past work as a Manager at a dance club, the part I enjoyed the most was with the women who I worked with. I make my games with my heart first. You wont find sex in my games. You will find sexy women, gorgeous original designs in wardrobe I created myself, and beautiful bodies. But, all done with respect, heart and love. 


We don't live in a perfect world, but we can try to bring love, respect, hope into our daily lives with the people we meet, have relationships with, and whose company we will enjoy for a time. 


Thank you for your interest in my games and apps and hope you enjoy them. Feel free to write me, just be nice ok. :) 


~Dave Del Casitllo

Video Game and App Producer / creator