Get Virtual drinks with Bartender "Stepanie"


Invite other characters to throw a party with you in VIP Private rooms 


Chill with all the interesting, one of a kind original characters made for this game only.  


Party with our "Anonymoous Friends" in game as:

Hoodie guy

Cuban guy

Cowboy guy

Reggae man

Arab man

Turtleneck guy

Business Suit guy

Manager Omar


"DJ Karoline" in charge of music at

Club Candela Game


World Music in English/Spanish/Arabic/Russian

Hip Hop

Rap Reggaeton

Belly Dance

Electronic Dance Music


Game includes royalty free music for you

to party in club with. If you choose instead to use your own music we have a player you can dj your own playlist with. 



"Creative, Unique and Beautiful game art in video game form."

Dave Del Castillo ~ Producer / Creator

Club Candela Game ~ A positve vibes only club